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Virtuoso titling system

The Opera titling problem is solved with this incredible system, Virtuoso is a unique and integral concept that eases the capture of foreign scripts from operas and theatrical plays, projects to portable device for the best and most practical subtitling and to any media projection screen (projection, LED, etc.) simultaneously in the most convinient format and without limitations.

Virtuoso allows non invasive integration of advertising, future event schedules, important information for attendants and also the playbill in digital format, offering a complete modern and efficient service to the audience.

Virtuoso is accessible at any budget, forget the other expensive systems that exists today, additionally, if you manage sponsors correctly, the sistem could also be an elegant and discreet resource generator.

The systems is composed of three parts: Capture and operation server, which has the Virtuoso software, the subtitling device and the super titling devices.

Capture and operation server

The software loaded in Virtuoso Server allows entering required information in a intuitive and easy way, with easy copy-paste operations. It has multiple languages simultaneously, ortographic correction, and English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese interfaces.

In edition mode, the operator has a simple text operator where lines of different character lines are loaded, also it can load logos, animations and graphics to make the presentation stand out and of course to give aknowledgement to sponsors.

In operation mode, the operator has clear markups that will help him to keep order and presicion in changes, this can be totally manual and also if he decides it, totally automatic, several levels of users allows to keep information safe during presentation.

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Subtitling Terminals

The subtitling terminals can be any mobile device with access to web pages, this allows the theatre decide how open its system will be, from the ones who want to controll its terminals by themselves using only their own terminals, to the ones that allows any iPhone, Blackberry or similar to access their signal.

Virtuoso offers modified Apple iTouch terminals that includes a preloaded playbill for exclusive Virtuoso operation, avoiding operative errors from users, also they have a lot of support arms that adapts to several models of seats, they have privacy protectors that avoids annoying reflections or flashes towards the rest of the audience around the operating terminal.

The system requires no complex instalations, for which it can be assembled from one day to another, being practical even for rent systems or traveling plays.

Wi-Fi transmition scalable to any size and number of users.

Multilingual system selectable in the portable terminal.

Information, images and graphics can be send to all users in any moment.

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Supertitling Terminals

The supertitling screen is an natural extention of the Virtuoso system, allows to pick one or more of the loaded languages and project it to a projection screen, LED screen or any existing format, the projection is made simultaneously as the subtitling system and with no complications for the operator.

Virtuoso offers LED screens designed depending on your needs to complete your system, from permanent to the extremely portable with prices that compete with the anticuated projection systems, ask for an approach of our systems and you'll be amazed.

Supertitling screen with image Supertitling screen with text image detail

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