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Stage Sets offers a wide range of services for equipment and operation of cultural spaces, as well as line products like Theatrical Mechanics and Clothing, portable stages, innovative solutions for Travelling Theatres, Acoustic Treatment equipment, among others for your disposal listed on this page.

Stage Sets also provides Engineering Services for all the needs you could have, we design products tailored to your dreams. If you have an idea, we have the technical feasible solution, supported by a group of expert engineers with the most advanced technology for design and manufacturing of innovative products with accurate prices.

We have a Service Department for preventive and corrective maintenance for our instalations, you can contact us through our regular phone numbers or in case of an emergency through our 24/7 avaible phone numbers at our Contact area.

We also offer Annual Maintenance Policies to keep your instalations like brand new and safe forever.




Manual Theatrical Rigging

The most complete line of mechanical equipment theatrical traditional systems, from light to heavy extra.

  • Mechanical Counterweight
  • Mechanical Manual
  • Heavy
  • Standard
  • Light
  • Pivot

Automated Rigging and controls

Advanced control technology systems and more efficient motor, and option to its ideal weight, speed and cost, meeting the highest standards.

  • VT Series
  • HB Series
  • WB Series
  • Point Hoist
  • YOYO Series
  • Banner Lift
  • Control equipment

Fire safety curtains

Rigid fire curtains in fiberglass, motorized, counterweights, stackable solutions innovative patented.

  • Fire curtain
  • Fire curtain collapse
  • Smoke doors

Floor mechanism, stage elevators

We design and manufacture platforms and lifts up scenes from 1,000 m2 with multiple options of load and speed, secure and reliable.

  • Lift for orchestra
  • Stage lift
  • Scenic and piano lifts,
  • magic lift
  • Platforms and special lifts

Tired setting systems

Smart resetting seats systems.

  • Theater retractable tier fixed
  • Mobile retractable tier
  • Slip system
  • Proscenia system

Scenic fabrics

We sell all kind or fabrics and plastic for theatrical applications from Peroni, worldwide leaders in the industry with more than 200 years of expertise. We complete our fabrics offering with the most efficient and quiet rail system, from manual systems to looping systems.

  • Theatrical fabrics
  • Cyclorama
  • Rail
  • Accesories

Acoustical shells, canopies and acoustical equipments

Line band shell, designer band shell, the first patented telescopic band shell, motorized variable acoustic systems.

  • Sophia band shell standard series
  • Hannah band shell light series
  • Sara band shell telescopic series
  • Special band shell
  • Collapsible acoustic curtains

Stage risers and Modular Staging

Plataformas portátiles prácticas, durables y ligeras. Construimos plataformas especiales, como las plataformas para fozo de orquesta.

We build practical and durable lightweight portable stages and plataforms for public, also for special applications like orchestra pit in every measure.

  • Series 90
  • Proscenium Floor
  • Accessories

Special systems

You have the idea and we have the solution, with a full department of mechanical design and wide experience in the development of systems.

  • Revolving Floor
  • Motorized Trap Doors
  • Motorized and manual Garage Door Floor
  • Type Lifting Ceiling Periscope (with or without door)

Theatrical structures, bridges and grids

We design and build structures and grids that effortlessly interact with other scenic mechanical systems. We offer a wide variety of solutions for the work environment.

  • Tensed wire grid
  • Theatrical grid
  • Light Tubular grid
  • Ilumination bridge and Catwalks