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We design and build platforms and scenic elevators from 1 to 1000 m2 with multiple options for speed and load capacity. Secure and reliable.

Serie 1000

Stage Sets Series 1000 stage platforms represent the foundation of the products to be used as stage practicable as to build portable and complex stages. Resistance and durability proven, the platforms are built with extruded aluminum frames and 1" triplay top, with alluminum sctructural reinforcements that supports a grater load than 600kg/m2. Our platforms are built in standard dimensions or according to client specifications and can be used for indoors and outdoors. Standard dimensions include: 4' x 8' (1.22m x 2.44m) and 4' x 4' (1.22m x 1.22m). Other dimensions (4' x 6' (1.22m x 1.83m), 3' x 8' (.91m x 2.44m), 3' x 6' (.91m x 1.83m) p.e.) are available. Series 1000 platforms includes a full line of accesories, and a diverse finish line for top covers.


The top cover finishes available are: Poly vinyl (black or gray), rough use carpet (black or gray), triplay with no finish, painted triplay. Other finishes are available after quote.








Manufacture details:

The proscenia Series 1000 patented construction system incorporates a rigid structural aluminum cube that joins the support legs with the longitudinal beams, the joint takes all the load, passing it down to the floor, avoiding the instability in the 45° joints that the other manufacturers use.

Related Products and accesories for Series 1000

Adjustable and fixed height legs

The adjustable legs offers the users the possibility to get different heights for their platforms using only one kind of accesory. The legs are made of 2 aluminum tubes, telescope joined with 32 mm of outer diameter (1.25"); the height is adjustable in 50.8mm (2") steps and the height is fixated by a straight pin lock; the legs have non-slip PVC bases and structural reinforcement clamps and diagonals too; the standard adjustable legs are from 304mm (12") to 610mm (24") and from 610mm to 914mm (36"), with other available heights. The fixed height legs the shortest is 4.25" and the longest is 82" (more than 2.0m).


Stage Sets provides protections to users, according to national and international construction regulations. Built with aluminum tube, with 48mm of diameter, railing are fixed to the exctruded base of Series 1000 platforms using special clamps. Railing have 2 tubes and a protection shoe (when the seats are made with platform, the shoe serves as a lock for the seats). The standard colors are: Natural aluminum and black. Other colors available, after quote. 

Stairs: Adjustable and fixed

The Adjustable Stair Series 1000 provides the user with the posibility to adjust the curvature, elevation degree and lenght. With a similar appereance as the protection railing, the dual stair railing provides the visual joint of the product: installed stage. Other option is the fixed stair, recomended where the conditions do not change: chorus and orquestal platforms for example.

Transportation Car

The transportation car is used to transport and keep up to ten Series 1000 platforms, including boards, legs and railings. The Arena model car, built in steel with polyurethane wheels, can keep up to 15 platforms/boards. Another kind of car is where the platforms are placed verticaly and offers support for other accesories - an option where the platform is not too big and when space is reduced.

Protective stop

The protective stop works as a non slip/fall barrier for chairs placed on Series 1000 Platforms, when this are used to build the tier in a show space.

Lateral pannels

The stages built with Series 1000 Platforms can be closed sidelong using rigid panels with the same finish as the platforms or with a curtain system, made of velour and fixed to the platforms with Velcro™.

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PROSCENIA for orquestral pits


The Stage Sets stage platforms Series 1000 represent the foundation for another product of the line, this is the "filling" system for orquestral pit. In theaters where the budget does not allow installation of a motorized and automatized platform, but the use and productions requires an orquestral pit with multiple configurations, the Series 1000 platforms, in this case called the Proscenium Sistems for orquestral pits, is the solution. In order to maintain costs at lowest levels, standard platforms are used in majority, only considering in a instalation the least elements/platforms of adjustment. The structural hardness characteristics and the load capacity maintained by the Proscenium is almos the same as a motorized sistems: between 600 and 700kg/m2.

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FLEXSTAGE Platform system
by Decima Italia

Modular Platform with variable millimetric height

  • The upper frame is realized with an upper peimetrical aluminium profile and central transverses.
  • A mechanism with jackscrews transmits the vertical movement to four articulated legs and permits
    the variable millimetric height.
  • Four feet can compensate, up to 50mm, the possible floor unevenness and are complete of hooking
    to the surrounding platforms.
  • The control is easily obtained by a standard electric or battery screwer inserted into the central
    hole of the floor.
  • Wood floor of different types available.


240x120 cm height up to 1100mm
200x100 cm height up to 1000mm


Height cm At every height from 20 to 100
Uniformly distributed load kg/m2 750
Operator on platform YES


Height cm 25 25-40 40-110
Uniformly distributed load kg/m2 750 500 750
Operator on platform YES



  • Railings
  • Stairs
  • Folding panels for optional vertical an perimetrical closing of the platform with ribbed plastic fabric.



Detail of the compensation foot, for possible floor unevenness, up to 50mm and lateral device for hooking of surroinding platforms.
Detail of trapezoidal shape of the articulated legs.
Optional vertical and perimetrical closing of the front part of the platform with folding panels in ribbed plastic fabric.
Vertical movement also of the closing folding panels.
Control of vertical movement by means of a standard electric or battery screwer, introduced into a small central hole in the floor.






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