Platforms for Cirque du Soleil

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We are leaders in manufacturing mechanical theater systems, with 40 years of expertise, always with the vision to maximize the cost-benefit for our customers using ideal and innovative solutions.

We have a wide range of line products, as well, we have one of the most complete design teams to carry out your craziest idea, we have the technical solution for all your needs.

  • Theatrical Motorized Mechanics
  • Theatrical Traditional Mechanics
  • Fireproof Curtains
  • Floor Platforms
  • Distribution Bars and iDMX
  • Tripods and Supports
  • Acoustic Equipment
  • Retractile Seats
  • Theatrical Clothing
  • Polar Elephant
  • Dance Floors
  • Special equipment
  • Subtitling and Supertitling
  • Theatrical Grills
  • Motorized Lifters


Stage Sets formally anounces its asociation with Fenix, to offer Fenix's products in all America, at unparalleled prices with european certification.

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