Nuestra Empresa

With 40 years of history, Stage Sets started as a local company manufacturing counterweight mechanical systems for theatres. Always looking forward, seeking for asociation with leading technology providers, today Stage Sets is one of the leading companies in Theatrical Mechanics Systems, from the simplest and practical, to the most complex and advanced, always with the vision to maximize the cost-benefit for our customers using ideal and innovative solutions.

We have a wide range of line products, designed to withstand all abuse and misuse on service for several of years, nevertheless, we have one of the most complete Design Team to accomplish your wildest idea. We have the solution for your needs.

Our systems accomplish the last European Security Regulations as: DIN 59650, SIL3 (DIN-EN-61508), all our developments comply with the TÜV-building Standards.

Stage Sets is located in Mexico City. We have at our disposal more than 10,000 m2 of space with the most advanced systems and the most qualified crew for the design and manufacturing of systems and mechanisms for showbiz. We have more than 200 employees compromised with your project.

In order to offer you a first class service  We have representation offices in Laredo Texas, Lima Peru, Rio de Janeiro Brasil and Weiden Germany.